Auto Dialer

Auto Dialer :  includes predictive dialing software, auto dialing software,preview dialing software,auto campaining software and many more, making communication process simpler and faster.  

•    Automatically deliver recorded phone messages to designated call lists
•    Send out customer notifications and voice broadcasts
•    Administer surveys or polls
•    Provide self-service options as appropriate
•    Provide for rollover to agents when necessary


These are the kinds of results, many of them directly measurable with the built-in reporting tools, that you can achieve with the Shree SMS Dialer :

•    Improved customer satisfaction and loyalty
•    Improved agent efficiency
•    Lower cost per customer interaction
•    Improved collection rates
•    Improved sales performance
•    Lower administration costs


The power, ease of use, and flexibility of the Shree SMS Dialer makes it an attractive choice across a wide variety of industries and applications

•    Notifications: let customers know when a product has shipped to them
•    Appointment reminders : save employee time and automatically remind customers of appointments
•    Surveys: identify opportunities for customer service improvement
•    Polls: collect valuable demographic information
•    Collections: reach out to more past-due account holders
•    Opt-in telemarketing message delivery:: let your customers decide when it's the right time to discuss a       targeted product offering
•    Political canvassing: increase support for your political and activist campaigns
•    Charitable requests: broaden your audience for donations            


The Shree SMS - Dialer includes the breadth of capabilities you need to make your automated dialing campaigns successful:

•    Auto-Dialer
•    Customer History
•    Real-Time Reporting
•    Historical Reporting
•    Quality Monitoring
•    Voice Recording
•    CRM Integration
•    Do-Not-Call List Compliance  

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Missed Call Demo No : 9351712300
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